“Be part of the solution, not part of the pollution”- Cut the plastic!

By Susia, Alma, Orelia

Speaker’s Profile

  • Susia Kartika Imanuella

She is working as a researcher on Intangible Cultural Heritage of Eastern Indonesia; Founder of TRANSKRIP (Cultural Research Institution) in South Sulawesi.

  • Mega Alma Narwasty

She is working as a researcher on Culture and Tourism in Indonesia

  • Septiana Putri Orelia

She is a student of IR (International Relations) major who is active as a volunteer in Plastic-Free Community in indorelawan.org 


In this discussion session, we will share more about one of our planet's most critical issues: Plastic Pollution. In the first session, we will exchange views on how plastic pollution can harm our environment, especially for future generations. Following that, there will be a sharing session, in which all the participants will actively engage in sharing their opinions as well as experiences on how the young generation could start making changes to reduce the use of disposable products on a small scale. As a bonus, we will take a peek at the eco-friendly lifestyle of the indigenous people in Indonesia ;)

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