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Here you can see the complete list of our small groups with lots of interesting topics. You can book 1 small group per day. There are only 15 seats for each small group, so book it ASAP. Please make a registration before you can make a reservation.

 Reservation are available from 28/06/2021 - 08/07/2021

Climate change

Join Mildred in learning more about climate change and organic farming with activities and games.
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Cut the plastic!

Susia, Alma and Orelia will share more about one of our planet's most critical issues: Plastic Pollution
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Health system in Ghana

Ebenezer will discuss with you about the health system here in Ghana.
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Leadership & Empowerment

Esther will show you how she manage a Leadership & Empowerment for her project in Kenya
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Mental Health

Evangelin from india will going to share about Mental Health, especially in this Covid-19 situation
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Mary from Cameroon invite you to join her seminar about Non-violence
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What is conflict?, What is violent?, What does peace mean?. Janda & Emmanuel will share with you about Peace Building and Social Solidarity in our community
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Picture of compassioN

Are you interested in Photography? together with Jörg you will go outside and take some picture
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Do you like to sing, love music? or love to write a song? then this workshop is the right one for you. With Ade you will create a song for GYM Online 2021
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Stigma againts HIV-AIDS

In this seminar, Irene from Bali, Indonesia will take you to see deeper about Stigma againts HIV-AIDS
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Anika will share with you about her work with children and teenegers in Germany  about sustainability and how to make it possible
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Pandemic - Disabilty

Joshua from Indonesia will discuss with you about the Impact of Pandemic on People with Disabilty
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Strengthening Youth

Young people, have the unique opportunity to create and promote new narratives and build bridges to reach out to the other in love and humanity.
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Register and book your favourite small groups. Please remember to book 1 small group / Day. If it's full, than you have to choose another small group
28/06/2021 - 08/07/2021
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